Bought for bearded dragon. Comes with bottom piece, bowls, and everything seen in picture
$200 rehoming fee. He is 8 years old and weigh somewhere around 45lbs. He will grow to be about 200lbs.
6-Jan-2019McDonough, GA+15 milesReptiles for Sale
We have two terrariums and a ton of items that we no longer need. We have decided to not get any new pets and have decided to sell all of our items. Everything pictured is included as well as 1 small pet leash and 4-6 repltile carpets not pictured.
* Flukers Buffet Blend 4 lb container of food well over half full * Exo Terra Day light Heat Lamp 100 watt. Less the 14hrs use on this bulb * Basking dock with ramp. This is a basking dock we rigged to hang from the tank so the turtle had more room to swim but works really well. See Additional pics in comments
New Reptology life science Large Turtle pier 100watt daytime heat bulb Zoo Med food (half container) * The pier was uses less then a month and is in brand new condition * The heat bulb has only been used about 14 hours as it was the best bulb I bought before rehoming turtles * Zoo Med food is a half container left. Posting pics of current prices as of today which is far less then I paid for the...
This snake is not a good first snake does need to be wroked with, he is aggitated very easy and very active but once he is out of the cage he becomes a bit laid back. He will eat frozen or live rats.
The ball python is a very calm and chill snake. She has never struck in the past year I have had her, I get her out daily and play, she will only eat live rats, great with kids. She would be a great first pet.
Lover, really sweet snugglebunny, purr machine. Has been to the veterinarian about eye, has some vision, Under Veterinarian advice Not to remove:)****Stunning kitties inside and out with fabulous personalities awaiting a furever home! What does my adoption payment include? A Fully vetted, combo tested, sterilized ( s/n) age appropriate vaccinations, rabies, flea and parasite preventatives and v...