Looking for a 45 gallon tank (can have some cracks or scratches), 2 heat lamps, and a large under-tank heating mat Willing to spend $30 on tank and $15-20 on everything else
All comes with
Good used condition .. holds water to the top .. no accessories, just tank and stand.
Ok condition it holds water
Ten gallon! Fish,frogs, and everything included!


I have a 39 gallon y all with lid and a 10 gallon aquarium with lid, heating pad, thermostat, and other pictured in reptile set up. Both were used for snakes, unsure if they hold water but no cracks. $50 need them gone.
2 Algea eater (plecos) 8 inches long and 2 Syno (upside down catfish) 5 inches long asking 15 for each algea eaters and 10 for each synos

Fish tank

Ten gallon tank! -2 aquatic frogs -mollies and funny s, Cory catfish, ghost shrimp. Comes with four month supply of filters. -Hester -gravel -net -decorations -chemicals to treat the tank
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